"Joyful Living - Grateful Giving"

"Joyful Living - Grateful Giving"

Is the name that we have given to our new initiative to pay off our debt.

This name beautifully describes our approach to life. Our lives are filled with joy for all that God has done for us and our only response is to give back with gratitude.

As a parish, many of you have been through a number of campaigns. Our most recent campaigns occurred to fund the first two phases of our SEAS building complex. Phase I gave us the church building and Phase II gave us the parish offices, Mother Seton Hall, the preschool, and the meeting rooms.

You should be mighty proud of all that you have accomplished. This beautiful facility allows us to do so many things. Most importantly, it is where we gather each weekend to praise and worship God.

Your investment in this facility has prepared us wonderfully for the future. We are so grateful for your past generosity and commitment to the parish. We are truly blessed to have each of you.

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Message from Fr. Dave...

Is this pledge just for the reduction of our parish debt?

For more information contact:

Fr. David Hennen
651.437.4254 ext. 231


If you desire to make a donation electronically or with a credit card, click here for various options. In gratitude of your joyful giving.