Our Parish Cemetery


At St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, we have a vision for our cemetery. We provide an environment that is inviting to the family and friends of the deceased. Our grounds are peaceful and comforting and are accessible during the daylight hours.Cross at SEAS Cemetery

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Cemetery is intended for the burial of Catholics who belong to the parish of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (or their close relatives) who are entitled to Christian burial according to the Roman Catholic Church. Our Pastor or his designee shall resolve any question concerning the burial of a non-Catholic member of a lot owner's family, or of any person not entitled to a Christian burial. Burials of Catholics who are not members of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish shall be at the discretion of the Pastor or his designee.

Our Cemetery & Columbarium Rules & Regulations are posted at the cemetery, are available in the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Office, or you can read them by clicking here.

Costs and Fees

Effective July 1, 2010

Grave Space Prices:
Parish Members: $1,200.00
Non-parish members: $1,500.00
Additional right to bury in same grave space: $550.00
Parish Interment Fees:
Weekdays, before 4:00 pm: $925.00
Infants: $375.00
Cremated remains: $375.00
Additional Interment Fee:
After 4:00 pm and Saturdays: $150.00
All winter interments, December 1 - March 31: $100.00


The map below shows the location of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Cemetery, but please note that there is no actual address. The main entrance is located off Hwy 61 (see map). If you need more information, call the parish office at 651-437-4254. Google Maps has the wrong address and telephone number listed and we are working with Google Maps to have them correct this!












For more information contact:

Jeff Hunter  
Parish Administrator
651.437.4254 ext. 222